Trickster Squared Studios
What happah?!

Hey there true believers,
Welp, as they say, acai vine online times they are a changin'. I suppose you're here looking for Kiwiberry Freezy. I'm afraid to say KBFis gone for good. Don't worry, I'll still have a portfolio site, but if there's one thing I've found out as an artist trying to las vergas carpet cleaning keep an Internet presence is that maintaining a nice-looking website often gets in the way of time you'd rather spend drawing

Which, I assure you, is how I've been spending most of the time in-between.
For now, some links to various Other Places pensacola title pawn buy facebook likes cheap where you can find my art

Julian_Wilbury@ LiveJournal
(When it works, anyway...I post sketches and WIPs there that don't get posted many other places, so if you're interested in those, feel free to drop by.

Offsite Professional Portfolios:
Art Bistro

Private Commission Information

Thanks inflatable rentals pensacola fl cheap ghd for sticking around, and I'll see y'all someday on the other side when Trickster Squared Studios is up and running properly!
~SA Ferrell (aka Julian Wilbury)